The Muslim Scholars’ Forum (The NADIWA)

About The Nadiwa


Our Vision is to promote a greater understanding and awareness of Islam, realise its full potential, universal access to research and education, full participation in the Islamic heritage, to drive a new era of development and productivity and to make the world a better place to live in through peaceful coexistance



To create content that educates, informs and inspires.


  • Urge to do right and forbid to do wrong
  • Human equality
  • Sanctity of life
  • Dialogue
  • Transparency
  • Compassion
  • Gender sensitivity
  • Preservation of mother nature



  • A Platform for cooperation, unity, coordination and organization of the Muslim scholars of Uganda of different professions; the classification and standardization of different levels of the Islamic education and tittles thereto;
  • Arbitration, Mediation and conflict Management;
  • Promotion of education, training and retraining;
  • To issue religious decrees (Fataawa) on any matter in Islam;
  • Establish a code of conduct for the Muslim scholars of Uganda;
  • To advance the Islamic religion and knowledge for the benefit of humanity;
  • To promote social justice, peaceful coexistence, inter and intra religious dialogue;
  • To promote Daawa and offer equitable social services;
  • To promote women’s rights;
  • Livelihoods improvement;
  • Child protection;
  • Provision of  relief and protection of refugees, the needy and the disaster stricken;
  • Environmental protection;